Saturday, July 10, 2010

More On A Growing Summer--with Less Art

We just got back from a great little vacation up in Lawrence. We had never been there before but were very happily surprised!! There was great food, lots of neat stores, beautiful landscaping, a nearby tennis court where Christopher could beat his dad for the first time!! 4th of July was great although Uncle Larry was not handling the humidity well: got to spend wonderful time with Paul and Brenda, my mom, and the David Lawrence family--everyone of them: David, Sharon, Ryan, Carrie, Aaron and the other one! Tinka, Christopher, Catherine and I had great fun!!!! The fireworks were some of the best ever. The ballgame was rained out but the kids and I took in the stand-in movie, Cars: moving with a good message. Our Pacifica blew up so we bought a new Prius--good bargain. BibleTalk at WSU is going well with regular visitors and Dr Fox and Joshua Lutz helping to crank it out. David Bryant and I are in a good study with two fine men. Looking forward to attending the Jubilee in LA. Football season is underway for Christopher and so he may have to cut back on tennis. We will be going with our undefeated Cowboys football team to Dallas for a 5th grade tournament August 12th-14th, taking in Six Flags and visiting the Lawrences down in Weatherford, OK, on the way. Daily phonics class with Catherine, Dillon Bryant and Malia Levy, with Dr Caryn Bryant assisting, comes alive daily from 9:30-11:30. Classics class has moved from Augustine to Boethius with Dante next. Koine Greek is coming along...supposed to be into chapter 4 this week. Still need to find time for econometrics, more reading with Christopher and Catherine and time with my wfe and brothers. The Lord is providing for us through our business as we strive to grow as and make disciples of Jesus! Now if Lewis Hamilton can just find a way to win the British Grand Prix!!!

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